I have about 8 Zope websites of varying sizes and complexities. Early 
on when I was developing in Zope I had it hang a few times but since 
then (and I have done a lot of stuff for the last six months) I have 
really never had it hang. Two of the sites use PostgreSQL (6.5.3 and 
7.0) and four of them are served off of one instance and an old 
Pentium 166.

It has been my experience that Zope itself (non-betas which you 
should never be using in a production environment) is very stable and 
only hang due to OS issues or really bad DTML coding (loops). If the 
problems continue I would suggest trying a different OS environment 
(I am a very very happy RH Linux person).


At 1:50 AM -0300 7/7/2000, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>I'm new to this list (to Zope too!)and I'm really impressed with its traffic.
>This show us that this project is in active development.
>In our company we are currently working to create a Web site with lots
>of dynamic content, database access, webmail, etc..  so we decided 
>to try Zope.
>Although it's lack of documentation ( this would not be fair, with a search
>engine we can dig out lots of useful info from the web) we experienced a
>very fast development cycle. Now we're concerned about its stability. We
>are almost finishing the first stage of project and some times Zope
>hangs. It was  working ok, and then, all of a sudden, it just stops answers
>requests. Last time it happend we changed a DTML Method to a DTML Document
>and it worked again (if you like i'll try to tell you exactly what 
>was happenning).
>So, I'd like some advice to make it more stable. ( or tell me what i might
>be doing wrong)

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