> On Fri, 07 Jul 2000, Eric L. Walstad wrote:
> > OK, I am thinking about going from MySQL to PostgreSQL for its transactions
> > and subqueries.  I am curious which DA I should use and why.  I see that I
> > can choose from:
> > 
> > 1. SQLRelay
> > 2. ZPoPyDA
> > 3. ZPyGreSQLDA
> > 
> > Which are you using and why did you choose it over the others?
> > 
> i have been asking the same Q too.  i am current;y using ZPygreSQLDa, and have
> been from the start.  i think there's no more development done on this  DA (
> imight be wrong though).

I wish there was.  For ZPyGreSQL, I would really like to see:

        1) Thread-safe operation.  I.e., if desired, one database
           connection per thread.  Or better yet a pool of connections,
           allowing m threads, but n (n<m) concurrent PostgreSQL queries.

        2) A bit of introspection, i.e. showing the tables and columns.
           We're getting people who simply can't handle a command line,
           so they can't really run psql in a separate terminal window.
           Gadfly DA does this.

Any hints/takers.  I've looked over ZPyGreSQL pretty carefully -- it isn't
all that big.

> i wanted to try PoPy, but the last time i checked, i can't get the PoPy tar
> ball.  this is actively maintained, i think
> SQLRelay, i have compiled and installed, but i can't figure out how to use it. 
> i cant start the listener without an error.( can't bind something).  and i'm
> not too sure how how the connect string looks like if i have a user with no
> password.  but i think this may be the best solution, since we can specify the
> connection pool, and have a cache for results too.

Interesting.  Gotta look into this.

-- cary

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