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Subject: Re: [Zope] Is Zope slow?

>I have a lot of time and exposure to Tomcat so it made it easy
>for me to run those tests (BTW, now in production, on the same
>machine Zope is about 3 times faster!) but none really with
>PHP or Mason. In the end of the day, though, as most of the
>people have been saying on this list, you really shouldn't be
>focusing on comparing the raw speed of two totally different
>applications with different feature sets. I would challenge you
>to find something as powerful /useful / extendable as Zope
>written in any language and if you did, we could run those

Well, i do agree that Zope seems to offer more features (from the case
studies, and this mailing list i have read so far). I have played with PHP
in my previous project, programming by using classes(object-oriented),
though OOP support in PHP is not extensive yet. So far the codes are still
maintainable, but a lot of things i have to "mix-and-match" myself if i want
to include features like authentication/session tracking, templates, etc.
That's why i'm looking at Zope for the possibility of a better solution.

>What I *would* suggest focusing on is can Zope provide you with
>the right amount of features and functionality and can you
>scale it? So, and god willing, your site that you build in Zope
>goes from 0-1,000,000 hits a day, can you handle it? The answer
>is yes (a mix of Pentium, 256 MB Ram and fast drives with Linux
>will do that). What about if you double that or go to
>10,000,000 a day? Well, that is where ZEO and load balancing
>will come in. I can personally tell you that you could set up
>four Pentium 300 MHz Zope installations running a ZEO instance
>behind a load balance (not nearly are complicated as it seems)
>and you would be able to handle most of your Yahoo dreams.

Well, i don't think my site will ever get that much hits:) Anyway, i check
out Digicool website on this ZEO thing, and it seems that they charge abt
$25,000 for this product alone(+consulting)? Not to belittle their effort,
but that's a huge amount of money, considering that everything nowadays is
"open-source":). Or did i interpret it wrongly? TIA.


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