Zopers and PyCoders-

I was having a problem with ZCatalog-- namely, editing
the properties of a CatalogAware item (in a custom form) 
after creation resulted in no change to the indexed value in
the Catalog.

I know about reindex_object and was using that-- so it
wasn't just that I was leaving it out!  Hmmm.

I read the [EMAIL PROTECTED] list archives on zope.nipltd.com
(what a great resource, thanks!!!) and found some mentions that
this was broken in 2.1.6, which is what I am using.

ANYWAY, I found that 

<dtml-call "_.this.reindex_object()">

solved the problem immediately (well, for me, anyway). 
Just thought I would pass this on so it would be archived for 
others with this problem (or at least something to try
in a moment of desperation!).

Why does this work?  I have some guesses about some of the 
PyCode in CatalogAwarenesss.py but I'm still too much of a
Python newbie to make any comments.....

Jeff Sasmor

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