I want to write my own Product in python that uses FSSession to store a very 
minimum amount of information... For the life of me i cannot figure out how 
to correctly create an instance of an FSSession that can be manipulated 
inside my own python written Zope product... Any help would be.. well... 

At the moment the code looks somethign like this:

---------Start Python code-----------------
from Products.FSSession.FSSession import FSSession

  --- a class definition ---
        def FStest(self):
                """fssession test"""
                self.a = FSSession()   <---- error appears here
                return 'done'
----------End Python code--------------

-----Start DTML-------
<dtml-var "Zope_object_name.test()">
-----End DTML-------

----The error----

Error Type: TypeError
Error Value: not enough arguments; expected 2, got 1

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