Here's a weird one.

I'm testing out my products catalog functionality, and I'm seeing strange

I add an object "A" with an indexed variable called 'styles' that contains
the values: ['Ambient', 'Breakbeat', 'Downtempo']

I add a second object "B" with the varaibles:  ('Ambient', 'Breakbeat',
'Downtempo', 'Hardcore', 'Hip-Hop', 'House', 'Jungle', 'Techno', 'Trance')

When I search for these varables, the results get somewhat mixed up.  3
incorrect searches out of 8.

search for:   results:
Ambient         B*
Breakbeat               A&B
Downtempo               A&B
Hardcore                A*
Hip-Hop         *
House           B
Jungle          B
Techno          B
Trance          B

All these variables are inputted through a select box, so the spelling/case
should be identical.  There's some kind of a pattern here though, I don't
quite see it.

this is the call that I'm using to index the object:

Anyone have any idea what might be causing this?

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