What version of MySQL is it?
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From: Darin Lee
Sent: 08 July 2000 22:35
Subject: [Zope] MySQLDA Won't build

I cannot get the MySQL Database Adaptor to build.
gcc -shared  _mysqlmodule.o  -L/usr/local/lib/mysql -o _mysqlmodule.so
Whoa, couldn't import _mysql: ./_mysqlmodule.so: undefined symbol: mysql_store_result
Probably _mysqlmodule.so didn't compile correctly.
Or your library paths may be bad. Check the FAQ. 
I checked the faq (also downloaded and compiled lastest versions - MySQL, Python, and Zope from source) - nada.
I've set LD_LIBRARY_CONFIG, I've also edited the "Setup.in" file many, many times. No joy (My MySQL is in /usr/local).
System is Redhat 6.1 - Intel...
Any idea on what could be wrong??
-Darin Lee

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