Jonathan Desp wrote:
> Hi, here is the information of my problem:
>   File "C:\Program Files\WebSite\lib\python\ZODB\", line 218, in p
> anic
>     raise CorruptedTransactionError, message
> ZODB.FileStorage.CorruptedTransactionError: C:\Program Files\WebSite/var/Data.fs
>  data record exceeds transaction record at 20663057
> that's special, see, if you analyse the sentence:
> data record exceeds transaction record
> it's like saying:
> you transfered more data than the quantity(of data) you have presently.
> " I will transfer 5 apples, but I have only 4 apples."
> hmm

Hmm. The sentence describes a situation that shouldn't be possible
right? That's why the file must be corrupted. The error message is
telling you why the system determined that something is wrong.

I'd be interested in looking at the database to try to figure out how this
happened. If you are willing to pursue this, write me back in a private 

> interesting problem to fix.
> some ways I got from you:
> the "recover" program with Zope 2.2, but I didnot find out why it should be useful 
>for me. When I read the "readme file".

The recover program in 2.2 will remove damaged transactions from a database
file. While this may cause data loss, you can at least get your database up and
running again.  This seems pretty useful to me. This program isn't
mentioned in the README.txt.

See the script in lib/python/ZODB/  You run this script with the
name of the file to repair. Note that the repair is made in-place, so you will
need to work on a copy or shut your site down.
> In my netscape browser, I can read: "exceptions.ImportError" then I read all the 
>message related to this problem, in every mailing list, but there is no solution to 
>it, or related to it on those messages.

I can't tell from the information you've provided why you would get an error in
your browser.

> Is it a new bug or ?

Your database got corrupted. I don't know why. It's possible that it's due 
to a bug. It's also possible that it's due to a system failure. I don't
have enough information to tell right now.

> Because my website is very big. I don't think it's very important because there is 
>some other data.fs more bigger than 31 381 Ko.

As long as your database is under 2GB, size should not be a problem. has been close to 2GB on a number of occasions without problem.
> It's not a server or a hardware problem because I tested my data.fs on another 
>hardware,machine. As well as it's not a another file in zope, because I tested that 
>data.fs on zope linux, and zope windows. So it's really inside data.fs

The data file is definiately corrupted. That's what the error tracsbeack says.
It's a "FileStorage.CorruptedTransactionError".  The question is how the file
got that way.

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