I'm getting somewhat crazy with this one. I've upgraded my test server to 
2.2.0b4 (from 2.2.0b3), i.e. transferred all the products I installed 
previously and the /var directory. Everything works fine with 2.2.0b4 until 

At that point, I realize that I have installed many products to "test" 
Zope, so I decide I want to uninstall all the products I won't use instead 
of exporting everything I did and re importing it on a clean server. So I 
delete all the products I don't need in the /lib/python/Products directory 
and go in the Control Panel/Products to delete all the products I just 
deleted physically from the hard drive. I restart Zope... everything still 
OK. The products are not listed anymore.

So now I want to create a brand new product (ID: test). in test, I want to 
add a ZClass. In the available project, I also only see the products 
currently installed. But in the Add ZClass form, Zope offers me to use 
"DemoPortal: ..." or "KnowledgeKit: ..." as base classes. The only thing I 
really don't understand is that I just deleted these objects and they don't 
appear in the Products list anymore!

OK, so they are still in the cache... let's use this "Flush cache" function 
in the database management... no effect. OK, so let's pack the database... 
to be certain, let's pack it to 0 days, as the problem with it has been 
corrected in 2.2.0b4 ;-)... no effect!

So here is my question: How to really delete a product?

I want to be certain I don't have any references to it left of previously 
installed products. I know I installed these products through the "import" 
feature and not by copying it into the /lib/python/Products/ directory, but 
that shouldn't make any difference?

Thank you very much for your help.

Gérard Métrailler Jr.

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