Jonathan Desp wrote:
> How I can make a regular backup ?

make a copy of data.fs _before_ it gets corrupted.

> How I can restore it ? 

copy your backed up data.fs over your corrupted data.fs

> it's 100% corrupted.

I doubt that very much.

> > Do you have any tools for analyse a data.fs ? (not tranalyser)

Why not tranalyser?
What about lib/python/ZODB/ which Jim Fulton recommended?

> > If I don't fint out why my data.fs is corrupted, I'll lost one week of
> work
> > for my company.

No skin off our noses... a lot of people have tried to help on this _for
free_ but you don't seem prepared to do much work for yourself.

Your data.fs is corrupted. That sux. Sorry. It doesn't happen often so
it'll probably be a bitch to fix, maybe you should just re-import your
900 files into a new data.fs on a fresh install of Zope?
Maybe take Jim Fulton up on his offer to look at the data.fs?

You might also like to read the Zope manuals:

It may be old and a bit out fo date but it'll give you a good idea of a
lto of Zope stuff.

Also search on There's good How-To's on recovering corrupted

There's also mailing list archives at:

Search there and you'll find answers to most questions you've asked:
-How to make a backup and restore it
-more on Tranilyser and the like

Please try these first, the mailing list should be a last resort (and
yes, I know I sometimes don't use it as such ;-)



PS: Apologies to the list for the flame, maybe I shouldn't write email
at midnight ;-)

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