> I am having trouble rendering a <DTML IN> in ZOPE 2.2.0 to any user
> regardless of roles.
> I have allocated the proper rights to all objects used and 
> nothing happens.
> The <IN> will not let any user view its contents.

Theodore - 

I bet you're running into the same problem as the 
folks using the ODBC adaptor. I've attached the post 
I made addressing this a few minutes ago.

If this fixes your problem, could you send a note to 
the zope-list and let the folks there know that the fix 
works for the Oracle DA too? (I'm going out of town today, 
so I won't be able to forward it if you only reply to me)


> Hi guys - 
> For those of you (I've mostly heard ODBC adapter users) 
> having authorization problems with your SQL methods, heres
> the scoop:
> Database connections use one of two classes in the 
> framework for wrapping up result data returned from 
> queries. One of those classes (that understands results 
> in RDB format) was missing a required security assertion. 
> The results returned by the ODBC adapter were bitten by 
> this - probably there are other adapters that could 
> be affected.
> I've attached a patch file for the file:
> lib/python/Shared/DC/ZRDB/RDB.py
> ...as well as an updated version of the whole file (since 
> I know a lot of you will be on Windows w/o patch :) Either 
> patch or replace the file and restart Zope to fix the 
> problem.
> This is also checked in for a 2.2.1 release that will 
> probably happen after a few weeks when enough people 
> have upgraded to shake out any other problems.

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