Some people have been bugging me to release this so here we go:-

The doco is shambolic to say the least, and there are no examples at
the moment and no list of what hooks are available.

It does not automatically translate for you, it assists you to build
a multi-lingual site once, and then maintain it in different languages,
rather than building it once for every language (or rebuilding the same
thing over and over).

It does however make it pretty easy to get things going fairly cheaply.

There is a trade off between resuable phrase lengths and making phrases
unambiguous that you have to deal with.

If it breaks, you get to keep both bits.

Readme Excerpt:


This is the ZBabel Translation System for ZOPE, the Z Object Publishing 
Environment (

This is a phrase by phrase translation system, it allows you to translate
key parts of your site, and the content if you desire. With this you don't
need to maintain seperate source for each supported language, or mix different
languages in your source. You can do your entire site in one language and
then translate it without re-editing the source code.

This system also automatically creates the catalogs as you go, you do not 
need to manually insert text strings into databases for translation.

ZBabel comes as a two part kit, to help you with translating your ZOPE Content.

The first part is the tag <dtml-babel> which allows you to register and
translate your phrases.

The second part is a the ZBabel Tower Product. This is a Folderish Object
that does most of the legwork. You will need a ZBabel Tower Product installed
somewhere that your documents can acquire it if you want translations to occur.
If you do not install the product, the <dtml-babel> tag will simply return
the existing text.

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