I am fairly new to zope and evaluating its use for a medium traffic
commercial site where security is a requirement. After reading through a
lot of opinions and info on the zope site (http://www.zope.org), I came
to the conclusion that to get scalability and security, Apache + mod_SSL
+ FastCGI + ZServer was the way to go. There was also mention of a zope
product (called MX-Crypto?) which allowed SSL with ZServer without
requiring Apache, but it looked to me to be in early development (I did
not look at this closely).

I set up the mod_SSL + FastCGI, etc and tried it out. Details on the
installation, problems encountered, etc may be found in
http://www.zope.org/Members/jasperh/SSL_FastCGI_setup In particular, I
had trouble getting the zope management screens to work when SSL was
compiled in.

Any comments as to whether the Apache+mod_SSL+FastCGI+ZServer idea is
good, bad or ugly for the intended use would be much appreciated.

jasper (jasperh at mweb dot co dot za)

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