oops...my mistake for not listing out my configuration. basically i am
testing out zope on a junk machine - PPro 233
with 32MB RAM only:) At the same time, i'm running mysql, apache+php combo,
and each process only consumes abt 8-9% of the memory usage. That's why the
20% from Zope surprised me...


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On Tue, 18 Jul 2000, Firestar wrote:
> Hi, i have installed Zope on a RH6 box, and looking at the processes,
> Zope(running as 'python') consumes abt 20% of the memory usage! A single
> apache daemon only takes abt 9-10%. Is Zope supposed to be so memory
> intensive?
Well, it's all relative, isn't it? (o8

I mean, does Apache do the same work as Zope?  Does it cache Python objects,
is is maintaining database connections, etc etc etc.

I am running Zope on a RH6.1 box, with 96M RAM.  It's using about 12.5% of
memory, so far as I can tell.

However, a % isn't much of a guage unless you tell us how much actual memory
you have.

Personally, I find that Netscape is more of a problem memory wise than Zope
ever will be. (o8

> regards,
> firestar

Have a better one,
Curtis Maloney

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