Frank McNamara wrote:
> Thanks for the help. Wouldn't it be a good idea to include this information
> somewhere in the documentation, or have I missed it?

Basic Authentication is part of the "architecture standards", like
TCP/IP and
HTML, are generally beyond the purview of zope documentation. 
The standard in this case is HTTP, where Basic Authentication is

There is another rfc - the next one, submitted the same month- that
digest authentication, a vastly more intelligent scheme.  However,
despite the
fact that Netscape and Microsoft both partook in making this RFC nearly
*years* ago, neither of the browsers support the standard.

RSA's patent caused a modularization of Mozilla's crypto functions, so
there is
a faint hope that some enterprising soul will implement digest auth. 
There's a
post just to that effect in this week's status update at

>It would be even better (for me at any rate) if there was some other way
>to change user and/or log out.

We definitely feel your pain: there are many authentication packages out
LoginManager, MySQL user folder, smb User Folder, etcUserFolder and
GenericUserFolder are all tools people have used to provide
authentication in
different ways.

Hope that helps,

ethan fremen

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