Is products treated in a different way in 2.2 final than in 2.1.6?

When I restart Zope all instances of my (and some imported) products
become broken because it cant find the product it is an instance of.

963996281 (This object from the unknown product is broken!)

I have compared with Zope 2.1.6 and the data of the news object are the
same in both distributions:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
    <record id="8178" aka="AAAAAAAAH/I=">
        <tuple id="8178.3">
          <string id="8178.1"
          <string id="8178.2" encoding="repr">News</string>
        <none />

Also the data about my News object are the same where 'News' have 'class
Now the only difference is that there is no '*' in the 'class id' but
there is the same difference in 2.2 final as in 2.1.6 som that shouldnt
mean any differences.

When I add instances in 2.1.6 and restart the server everything works
fine but when I do the same thing in 2.2 final my news objects become
broken. The same thing happens to for example the PDFProduct that I

Is there a different way to handle products in 2.2 final or is this a

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