I'm trying to use the HTMLcalendar.py as an external function.  The
supported files are these:
import string, time
from HTMLcolors import *
from HTMLgen import SimpleDocument, TableLite, TD, TR, Font, Name, H,
Center, Href
from types import IntType
from calendar import day_name, month_name, mdays, weekday

I placed HTMLcolors.py, HTMLgen.py, and HTMLcalendar.py in a
Website/Extensions folder on my hard drive.  Not in the extensions folder I
made thru the Zope interface.  When I try and add an external method,
specifying HTMLcalendar, i get an error telling me that HTMLcolors can't be
found.  What is the proper way to reference multiple files like this?  Is
this the proper way to use HTMLgen?  
Also, how can I use python to add and change properties in my zope folders?



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