I had an older version of LoginManager (0.3) installed
on my default Zope installation (2.1.6) running on a
RH 6.3 Linux. I downloaded and installed LoginManager
0.8.6 and then things started getting weird.
LoginManager and PTK were both being reported as
broken products. 

So, spent about 4 hours trying to understand what was
going on (reinstalling - reading the zope.org and
egroups) and then found out that I needed ZPatterns.
So I downloaded the binary version (0.3) and installed
that. However, when I tried to do the make part, I
kept getting an error. After much investigation, I
discoverd that I needed the Components library for the
makefile stuff. So,I then had to download the entire
Zope souce code and installed that into a new
directory - and copied the components over to the
existing zope directory. However the make still didnt
work. Then I tried (un)taring Zpatterns into the new
zope and tried to make and still problems. Tben I
downloaded the source an older version of ZPatterns
and installed that to the new zope and got the make to
work eventually. Then i tried the same procedure on
teh old zope and still no joy. Then I decided to copy
over everything from the new zope to the old zope in
the ZODB directory that was new. That seemed to do the
trick and enventually after about 16 straight hours of
pure frustration (for a newbie like me) i got the
makefile step to go through without an error. 

However, when I restart zope, I now get a new error in
the login manager traceback:
Traceback (innermost last):
"/usr/share/zope/lib/python/OFS/Application.py", line
387, in import_products
    product=__import__(pname, global_dict,
global_dict, silly)
line 1, in ?
    import LoginManager, LoginMethods, UserSources
line 9, in ?
    from Products.ZPatterns.SheetProviders import
ImportError: cannot import name SheetProviderContainer

I have no idea where to even start looking for the
problem. Anyone have any hint or idea - I would really
appreciate any help. Its been a very long and
frustrating day :)

Thanks in advance


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