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 > does anybody know a possibility to change the identity during a browser
 > process, without killing all clients and logging in again?

In the "Tracker" product, you will find two DTML Methods that will enable 
you to change the identity. They are called "login" and "relogin". Simply 
call <dtml-var login> to get a login prompt. I believe if you simply do not 
fill this form, you will get "Unauthorized" and then back to Anonymous.

<dtml-var relogin>
<dtml-if "REQUEST.get('HTTP_REFERER', '') != ''">
   <dtml-call "RESPONSE.redirect(REQUEST.get('HTTP_REFERER'))">
   <dtml-call "RESPONSE.redirect(URL1)">

       Call this from other methods to force user reauthentication before
       redirecting back to the calling script.

       (This script leaves traces before raising "Unauthorized" so that it
       recognizes the return after the authentication, and avoids repeating.
       At that point the cookie used to recognize the return is removed,
       enabling the process for the next invocation.)

<!--#var "REQUEST.AUTHENTICATED_USER" html_quote-->

<!--#if "(REQUEST.cookies.has_key('relogin')
           and (not _.hasattr(REQUEST.cookies['relogin'],'has_key')
                or not REQUEST.cookies['relogin'].has_key('value')
                or (REQUEST.cookies['relogin']['value'] != 'deleted')))"-->
   <!--#call "REQUEST.RESPONSE.expireCookie('relogin')"-->
   <dtml-call "REQUEST.RESPONSE.setCookie('relogin', 1,
   <!--#call "REQUEST.RESPONSE.expireCookie('__ac', path='/')"-->
   (Interim - the raise value only shows when the user login fails.)
   <!--#raise Unauthorized-->
       Refresh this page to get the login prompt.

Best regards,

Gérard Jr.

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