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| Hi,
| I was able to install and test the ZBabel product.
| Very nice product indeed!!  I have a question about performance..

Thanks :-)


|  However my concern that if the page is accessed by thousands
| of people, does Zope cache the translated text and serve it? does ZBabel
| do that? or is there a way to do that?

If you are passing query_string parameters into your page you will
not be able to cache the pages anyway.

If a page is cacheable then you can setup a HTTP accellerator in front of
Zope that will cache the rendered pages. I don't know what your current
network topology is like, so it's a little hard to comment.

I can look at adding caching into ZBabel, but, it's not high on my priority
list at the moment... I'm currently pounding the bricks. I'll try to make
time over the weekend to have a look (I may be able to use the Zope 
Machinery to do the caching).

| I do not want to hit the database
| everytime someone requests that page.. Our site is usually translated to 5
| languages and we had developed a Perl script that would read php tags and
| create static pages becuase of that problem, and in this case we do not
| know at all what happend in eth backend..

Out of interest how many hits per hour are you doing?

I worked on a largish portal system (ASP *puke*) and they had no problem
going to the DB very very frequently. The key for the phrase is 32 bytes,
it should be very quick to look up, even in a poorly tuned MySQL.

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