On Thu, 20 Jul 2000, Bill Anderson wrote:
> Curtis Maloney wrote:
> > Bill,
> >
> >         Whilst the structures you've described are very effective, your
> > example of libc.org required one thing in particular that I'm not sure is
> > available: prior knowledge of which sections will be hit hardest.
> You start with the most likely suspects, and then after a given time
> interval, you adjust as needed. *most* site admins have a good idea of a
> given section being more popular or frequented when the site is built.
> That is as good a start as any other, if not better.

Ah... in my revision of this e-mail (scary, but i do that when i'm writing :) 
I must have dropped out the bit about tuning... (o8

> >         Essentially, your setup allows any 'server' to become a 'server
> > cluster' for scaling purposes.  Great!  So, if for now on we assume
> > 'server' can mean 'single or cluster of servers'....
> A logical assumption.
> >         The desire isn't for fixed server<->section relationship. 
> > Instead, a 'preference' for that section to go to a particular server, so
> > that the request 'hopefully' goes the server with the greatest chance of
> > having the relevant objects in cache.
> I see that it may not have been clear, but my ecample provided just
> that. A preference is indicated by the weight given to servers and
> sections. Let us say I have three servers. Fo rthe whole site, two get a
> weight of 2, whilst a third gets a weight of 1. This third one, however,
> gets a weight of 2 for the members section, whilst the other two get a
> weight or 1. This provides a preference for server3 to serve up the
> members section, though it is not a direct-only mapping. how does this
> not fit the 'hopefully' desire?

Ah... well... in your previous e-mails I don't recall you mentioning multiple 
weightings for a single server.  In this case, yes, your solutions fits well.

> > Ah, topology.  (I'm leaving it there.  I really don't have time to get
> > into this fully :)
> Yeah, topology is where the umm ... electrons hits the wire.

> Mebbe I'll post this stuff to the Wiki ... the question is .,.. which
> one?

Don't look at me... I've never even SEEN a wiki. (o8


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