Felipe E Barousse Boue writes:
 > I know about not beeing allowed to access attributes that start with "_".
I gave you a solution in my post, didn't I?

Again, try:

        <dtml-with "_.getattr(company.noticias,_[titulo])">
          <dtml-call ....>

 > Actually what is intended here is for _[titulo] to be evaluated to the name
 > of a folder ...
Of cause.

However, your expressions do not work like this.

They have an evaluation order: "a.b[c]" is "(a.b)[c]" and not
"a. (b[c])".

To give you a better known analogy:
  if you have "5 *  1+1" then the result is "6" and
  not "10", even so "1+1" is "2" in a different context.

In the special case of the "." operator, the right parameter must
even be a name and can not be an expression.
Thus, "a . (b[c])" is a syntax error.
You have the "getattr" operator to obtain such "computed accesses":
  to obtain the effect of "a .(b[c])", you use "getattr(a,b[c])".

That is what I proposed above (and in the last post).


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