Juan Carlos =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Coru=F1a?= writes:
 > <HTML>
 > <HEAD>
 > <dtml-if action>
 > <dtml-if "action =3D=3D 'insert line in order'">
 >    ....some code that inserts a line in the order....
 > <dtml-elif "action =3D=3D 'delete line from order'">
 >    ....some code that deletes a line from the order....
 > <dtml-else>
 >   </HEAD>
 >   <BODY>
 >   Error. There is no action or action is incorrect.
 >   </BODY>
 >   </HTML>
 >   ......The dtml document must stop here. .......
 > </dtml-if>
 > </dtml-if>
 > </HEAD>
 > <BODY>
 >    ....some code displaying the updated order....
 > </BODY>
 > </HTML>
You can use the REQUEST object to store evaluation results
to be used later. E.g.:

<dtml-call "REQUEST.set('actions',1)">
<dtml-if "action == 'insert'">
  ... insert ...
<dtml-elif ...
  <dtml-call "REQUEST.set('actions',0)">

<dtml-if actions>
  .... updated order .....

Probably, Zope should have a "dtml-set" which would
allow to update a new "REQUEST.vars" directory.
Many questions in this list would go away, if assignment
could be done with an explicit dtml tag.


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