> This is FAQ material and should be inserted into either the DTML programmer's guide
 > or the ZSQL Methods guide.  It bites everyone who uses SQL methods eventually.
 > ZSQL methods do not perform acquisition, but will look at REQUEST, change it
 > to.
A minor clarification of terms:

 * *acquisition* acquires attributes/methods form containing objects
   or the context of the objects use

 * DTML methods usually are passed a *namespace* containing
   name->value bindings.
   This namespace contains many variables, REQUEST and its content,
   acquired attributes/methods, variables made
   available with <dtml-with>, <dtml-let>, <dtml-in>, <dtml-tree>...

Z SQL methods do support acquisition.

They are, however, not called (automatically) with the current namespace
but only with the REQUEST object.
Thus, they can automatically use only acquired attributes/methods
and variables contained in REQUEST but not the variables defined
in an enclosing DTML method (via with, let, in, tree ....).

Acquired attributes do not need tp be listed in the "Arguements"
property of the Z SQL method, REQUEST variables have to.


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