Hi, thanks for your comment !!

I know about not beeing allowed to access attributes that start with "_".

Actually what is intended here is for _[titulo] to be evaluated to the name
of a folder, the one that has just been created by the manage_addDTMLDocument
call (which worked fine)with the name specified by the user in a form field.

<dtml-call "company.noticias.manage_addDTMLDocument(titulo,subtitulo,texto)">

 <dtml-with "company.noticias._[titulo]">
   <dtml-call "propertysheets.manage_addProperty('link',resumen,'text')" >

The variable "titulo" comes from a form that calls itself so,  I expected
company.noticias._[titulo] to be evaluated say as "company.noticias.january"
assuming the user entered "january" on the form.

Nevertheless, on my alternative coding, _[titulo] evaluated correctly, it's a
pity such a large coding had to be made, even introducing an "un-necesary"
loop-search and an "if" test, to accomplish what seemed trivial the way I
exposed in the first place...unless I am missing something.....

<dtml-call "company.noticias.manage_addDTMLDocument(titulo,subtitulo,texto)">

<dtml-with "company.noticias">
<dtml-in objectValues>
   <dtml-in propertyValues>
     <dtml-if "id() == _[titulo]">
      <dtml-with id>
        <dtml-call "propertysheets.manage_addProperty('link',resumen,'text')"

Any comments.?  Thanks and regards.

Felipe Barousse

Dieter Maurer wrote:

>  > Trying to do a simple thing as creating a document and then adding a
>  > property with an DTML method, found that the following code does not
>  > work, it comes up with a password request (all security settings are at
>  > defaults):
>  >
>  >  <dtml-call
>  > "company.noticias.manage_addDTMLDocument(titulo,subtitulo,texto)">
>  >  <dtml-with "company.noticias._[titulo]">
>  >         <dtml-call
>  > "propertysheets.manage_addProperty('link',resumen,'text')" >
>  >  </dtml-with>
> Try
>     <dtml-with "_.getattr(company.noticias,_[titulo])">
> In DTML, you are not allowed to access any attribute
> starting with "_".
> And in fact, "_" is not even an attribute of "company.noticias".
> Dieter
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