Just looked at the site and think it looks like a good
start.  I have only recently started using zope, and I have been amazed
at the steepness of the learning curve.  Sometimes it feels like a solid
and very vertical wall!  There have been many times when a good faqts
file would have been really useful.  

Thanks for your contribution.


Gregory Haley

Fiona Czuczman wrote:
> Hi Alan,
> A couple of weeks ago I wrote to the list regarding setting up a FAQ for
> zope.  It is in the beginning stages ->
> I've been busy so have only got so far as adding 11 questions.
> Take a look at to get an idea on how the zope
> knowledge base could be developed, it has taken me two months to get the
> python knowledge base to the level it is at now, more than 700 questions
> with answers.  I'm developing the python list be summarizing the
> newsgroup daily, for zope I'm intending on also working on this daily.
> I had a major project which I finished about 2 hours ago :-) ... as a
> relief I decided to start on the zope work, where I've found your mail.
> I'm not interested in creating something in direct opposition to what
> you are suggesting.  Is there some way that we could work on this
> together, either together creating or my helping with
> ?
> Things I like about FAQTs
> - the hierarchy of folders (information)
> - the ability to create folders and arrange content
> - the possibility to edit answers and maintain a version history
> - the admin stuff (for sending out summaries back to the mailing list)
> - ability to search questions and answers (works really well)
> This work I am doing 'off my own bat', FAQTs does pay me for python but
> _not_ zope, so I am able to do it somewhere else.  Because I already
> have a mode of working off the FAQTs site it seemed reasonable to start
> the zope knowledge base off that site.  But, mails like yours make me
> think about fragmenting resources and how useless that is, especially
> now when it seems resources are limited.
> Now, before I get too far into it, I want to make sure I've made the
> right decision... I don't want to compete with or with what
> you are suggesting.
> So, I want to help but where?
> Could we help each other: share questions and answers for all locations?
> Therefore taking advantage of the different features of the different
> sites?
> Is that a ridiculous suggestion? Perhaps initially it would work ...
> later re-assess?
> Otherwise, I'll work off whichever site the community would prefer... so
> community, please respond :-)
> Thanks,
> Fiona
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