Hi, some thoughts(and frustrations) from a newbie having his "first time"
with Zope.

The documentation needs a lot of improvement. Since October last year,
there's still only ONE chapter(which is on ZClasses) in the Zope Developer's
Guide?? Are there any more chapters forthcoming? Or do i have to fork out
money and purchase the commercial version one?:( (And don't refer me to ZDP,

As for the "Zope Content Manager Guide", the examples are easy enough for
newbies to understand, but some of the screenshots accompanying the examples
are not 'consistent'. Perhaps DC can do some proof-reading there.

As for the DTML reference, i felt "lost" after reading a few sections. At
first, I thought it would be as easy as when i first read the PHP manual,
but somehow it doesn't seem 'user-friendly' enough. Maybe i will try it
again after i have read the rest of the Reference Guides.

I'm not an expert in web development, and could not really pick up new
"technologies" fast. But i still remembered learning PHP was not that
difficult; the manual is comprehensive, easy-to-use and tutorials
contributed by other websites really speed up my learning process.

I understand that Zope is a different thing altogether from a programming
language like PHP. I have yet to read up the Z SQL Methods User Guide, but
from the docs that i have read so far, i still feel lost as to where and how
to start building an 'advanced' website, e.g. converting my current
PHP/MySQL website to Zope. Someting is missing here... Perhaps the Reference
Guides could add more explanation and details, instead of just "click here
and you will see this" kind of instructions. OR give more complex
(real-world)examples, like building an e-commerce site(with sessions, cart &

sigh...i foresee a rocky road ahead for this newbie to master the 'Zen' of
Zope. Hopefully it's not a long one:(


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