The InterbaseStorage product is full-featured (undo, versioning).  But
I've gotten little response to releasing it, and I don't think anyone is
using it, so bugs are sure to exist.

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> Cary O'Brien wrote:
> > Hold on. I am confused, and I really need to understand this.
> > Why do you need a 40 gb drive to store something that might 
> get to 2GB?
> > Do thing get really big during packing?  (Thinking 
> PostgreSQL index creation
> > here, where it uses temp files for sorting, which has bit 
> me more than
> > once).  Or do you just want to keep N old versions around?
> I need to have n versions for various testing purposes: this 
> is what got
> me in trouble in the first place- I was packing to try to make room. 
> The pack makes a full backup of your data, so it needs about 1.75*n
> space where n is the size of your current Data.fs
> > Also, (besides "upgrade to alpha"), what is the workaround 
> for Data.fs
> > bigger than 2GB?  Are there any plans to split it across multiple
> > files? (Once again, the PostgreSQL people recently added 
> this -- database
> > files don't exceed 1GB, when the table gets that big it splits them
> > across multiple files).
> One solution is to have your Data.fs actually be split using mounted
> databases, something I consider a sub-optimal solution.  
> Another option
> would be to store the entire zodb in a relational database, but as far
> as I know none of the products that attempt to provide that are
> full-featured.
> The bottom line is that the OS should support the creation of 
> very large
> files.  Note that any of the BSD variants, or Solaris for x86, or SCO
> unix, all will let you have a ZODB larger than 2gb, assuming 
> python was
> compiled properly.
> I have spent literally about 40 hours trying to get Linux to support
> large files.  While the code is integrated into kernels 2.3.27 and up,
> something still isn't quite right because I cannot get python 
> to support
> large files although I can get c to create 17GB files using lseek().
> Hope that helps,
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