Is there any recommended way to get data from ZClass instances to a
RDBMS (Oracle 8i specifically) table?

What I could think of as options are: (I've'nt tried out any!)
1.  In manage_add for my Zclass call the corresponding ZSQL insert method
         - Can this be done?
         - What can be done for updates?
2.  Create masking DTML methods to create Zclass instances dynamically.
     Call ZSQL methods alongside as well.
3.  Do periodic downloads of ZClass instances - say XML format - and batch
     upload to database.

Why I need this?
1. I need to make a RDBMS driven system for managing content. I don't want
to use Zope's
    ZODB for storing important content, because of these reasons:
    1. It can quickly grow up to 2GB and much more
    2. It needs to store and SEARCH through binary documents (Oracle can do
this easily)
    3. The way site is to be build from DBMS contents has to be / can be
different - ASP, PHP or Java
         Even a 100% static site might be a requirement.
2. I've tried with ZODB3 with data upto 500MB and it is kind of shaky (was
on an NT4 server. don't
    ask me, if it was my decision, I would've picked up linux!).
     H/W: Compaq dual PIII 500MHz server with NT4, SP5 (or 6, I don't
remember. The latest one).
     512MB RAM and 1GB Virtual memory.

     With RDBMS, we've DBA's and good SQL programmers, so data recovery is
     more easier. Also, I really don't need much of versioning or undo

It also brings up another solution, make an Oracle storage along the lines
of Interbase storage,
hook up ZCatalog to Oracle's interMedia search. Two problems - I'm little
tight on time, and
DCOracle's support for BLOBs are not yet tried out. I plan to start on this
soon anyway.
So, any suggestion for this would be greatly appreciated.

Note to DC:
    I love Zope and I would say it is anyday better than these Java
appservers, to code, to maintain
and to train people. But, lack of any industry strength RDBMS storage is
really a big problem in
selling to suits.


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