Here is a perplexing problem I am experiencing.  First, I was able to
compile the MySQL database adapter (MySQLdb) for WIN2000 and connect
successfully to a database I set up on Windows.  I set up a ZSQL method to
return rows from the database.  Then I set up a DTML method to iterate
over the rows and fill a html page using "dtml-in" to receive records from
the ZSQL method:

<dtml-in sqlQuery>
<dtml-var last-name>
<dtml-var first-name>

This worked fine.  Next, I was able to connect with a MicroSoft Access
database using an ODBC method.  Then I did the same as before.  Create a
ZSQL method (e.g. sqlQuery), then iterate over these rows with a "dtml-in"
tag, filling an html page.

Now here's my problem.  When I set up a MySQL ODBC connection.  The ZSQL
method by itself returns rows from the database just fine.  However when I
access the index_html page that contains the "dtml-in" causes
a prompt to reauthenticate to Zope (username and password).  No known
username and password will work.  I set all my MySQL permissions properly
as far as I know.

I've scoured the archvies but have found nothing.  I need some leads as to
what to try.  Thanks in advance.

Rich Herrington 
University of North Texas
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