I have just been asked to stop banging my head against the wall, as it 
is annoying other people in the office, so I turn to you all in the 
hope you can help!

I am trying to create a moderated news bulletin board, and have based 
the back-end loosely on the Job Board engine, as "Created by mukhsein" 
and available as a How to on Zope.org.

So far, I have successfully implemented the posting of news items, and 
have assigned them a property sheet value which means that I can 
display items which I have manually created with a 'live' value. The 
property sheet has 3 properties, news_title, news_content and live - 
live being a flag indicating whether the news item has been moderated. 
Default is '1' for unmoderated.

I have also created an 'update form' which displays all the news items 
which are ready to be moderated ('live' value of 1). What I am failing 
miserably to do, is update the property sheet value, so that the news 
items are displayed in the 'live' list, rather than the to-be-moderated
list. I want to be able to do this by submitting the moderated news 
item, and changing the value "live" from a '1' to a '0'. I am attempting
to do this by sending a value as a hidden value within a form when the 
news item is submitted.

I know that I am being pretty vague in this summation, but am 
interested to know if anyone can point me in the right direction - if 
you require code samples, I can provide, but really the base code is 
pretty similar to that of the Job Board 
without the search element.

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.

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University of Bristol,  BS8 1HH, UK   
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