Quite regularily I encounter stability problems with Zope:
Suddenly without heavy use My Zope process rises the below mentioned error message and then does not accept any IP connections and must be manually stopped and restarted.
These lockups happen under SuSe 6.4, I can reproduce it on two different machies :
   - celeron 400 MHz single processor 256 MB
   - Pentium III 650 MHz dual processor 256 MB
Also the seem to be independent of the Zope version ,I encountered them with the versions
  all 2.2.0 betas
  2.2.0 release
The problems happen with standard config and with multiple threads (-t 10 option)
2000-07-27T14:58:02 ERROR(200) ZServer uncaptured python exception, closing
channel <zhttp_server listening :8080 at 8717a48>
Any hints?
it's quite annoying, I dont want to run Zope under Windows (it runs stable there).
I have no clue because I did not fiddle around in the Zope source nor in the Linux kernel (2.2.14),
but considering that zope.org runs under linux there must be a solution
thanks in advance
Philipp Auersperg (zwork)

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