Jørgen Skogstad wrote:
> Sven Hohage wrote:
> >
> > Hallo Jorgen,
> > I write you cause I've got a question about Zope.
> > You've posted on the mailing list on my question with the filesize of
> > the data.fs or in ZEO ZSS.
> > My problem is that I'd like to know which Unix - versions don't have
> > this filesize limitations and if there is a linux version without that
> > limit.
> > Or do you know another way to solve this problem??
> >                                          Many thanks
> >                                                          Sven
> Hmm.. well .. I can tell you what I know as of today. Linux
> has this limitation as of today. At least all the variants I
> have come over (mostly Red Hat and Suse). The limitation is in
> the filesystem implementation itself; meaning that the number
> of "references" that can be created cannot exceed the address
> limit of 2gb.

Not quite true. The problem only exixts in Linux on 32 bit x86 hardware.
Wherever Linux is 64 bit, the problem is non-extant.

BTW, both RedHat and Suse (and Debian, IIRC) have distribions for the Alpha platform.

Also, all this is detailed several times in the archives.

Bill Anderson

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