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Subject: Re: [Zope] Zope and Tuxedo?

Marcin wrote...

> Cary O'Brien wrote:
> > 
> > Has anyone used Zope to act as a Tuxedo client?
> > 
> > Is anyone interested in doing this?
> > 
> > Mostly it means creating a python extension that acts as a Tuxedo
> > client, and then integrating that into Zope as a ZClass or Product or
> > something.
> > 
> Writing python extension should not be hard, but Tuxedo used to have

I got partway through using SWIG for client wrappers, but I haven't
had time to actually run them yet.  Soon I hope.  The more interesting
part is to have a Tuxedo server that registers services and fires off
python code to execute the services.  You have to start a Python
interpreter and call it from C.  It seems fully documented, and not
too much more complicated than doing the same thing from TCL.

> problems in multithreaded environment. Check whether Tuxedo client works

You are right.  It did cause problems in a multi-threaded environment.
I'll refrain from recounting my HP/UX horror story here...

> in multithreaded program before further attempts (I do not know how does
> it look now, I used Tuxedo ~ 2 years ago).

The current documentation says that the current version (7.1) is thread
safe.  I have yet to test this out.  Soon, I hope.

You can download a copy for Linux from www.bea.com if anyone is interested.

-- cary

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