Jørgen Skogstad wrote:
> > > Hmm.. well .. I can tell you what I know as of today. Linux
> > > has this limitation as of today. At least all the variants I
> > > have come over (mostly Red Hat and Suse). The limitation is in
> > > the filesystem implementation itself; meaning that the number
> > > of "references" that can be created cannot exceed the address
> > > limit of 2gb.
> > Not quite true. The problem only exixts in Linux on 32 bit x86 hardware.
> > Wherever Linux is 64 bit, the problem is non-extant.
> > BTW, both RedHat and Suse (and Debian, IIRC) have distribions for the Alpha 
> Yep.. didn't think of that as I have never reasoned
> for running linux on any of those platforms. ;) I've
> used to running Solaris on sparc.. and when needed
> linux on x86 hardware (when solaris for intel was not
> the correct choice).
> Though; I look forward for SGI's implementation og
> XFS when it arrives in beta this summer.

I believe, though I may be wrong, that the 2.4 kernel also removes the problem. Which 
is due out RSN. :)

I am given to understand though, that some have had no success in getting python to 
(and use?) a >2GB file, even though the uiderlying mechanisms could (this was on Linux 

So I am hopefull, yet cautios. ANd yes, I am eagerly awaiting for XFS to be done. I
already have played with a snapshot of it. Not bad, needs work, but hey, it isn't 
yet so, what could I expect, eh? ;)

> Though; are there any possibilities that Zope may
> implement "Oracle style" distribution og the databases
> in due time? Like then you have a bit more "control"
> over where you put your data .. and what kind of devices
> you put them on?
> .. possibly this can be done through ZEO and the beta
> shared object database (mount more than one instance
> of the Data.fs files).

not quite!

You can _either_ use ZEO OR the MountedFileStorage product, but not both.
I was working on a MountedZEOStorage, but haven't had as much time for it as I thought 
would. Should be relatively easy though.

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