I made a DTML method which works, but doesn't do it
recursively. I'll try external methods.


<dtml-if fname>
 <dtml-try "_.getitem(_['fname'],1)">
   <dtml-with "_.getitem(_['fname'],1)">
    <dtml-var title>
    <dtml-unless "meta_type=='Folder'">
      Item exists, but not a folder
   Folder not found
   <dtml-if ftitle>
       <dtml-call "manage_addFolder(_['fname'],_['ftitle'])">
        Folder Created
       Folder could not be created
      <dtml-call "manage_addFolder(_['fname'],_['fname'])">
       Folder Created
       Folder could not be created
</dtml-if fname>
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Subject: Need for "aq_base" in DTML (was: Re: [Zope] Dumb DTML question -
existance check of an object)

> Satheesh Babu writes:
>  > I have a URL, say, /sub1/sub2. How do I check in DTML
>  > whether
>  >   1. folder sub1 exists or not
>  >   2. If not, create it.
>  >   3. folder sub2 exists under sub1
>  >   4. If not, create it.
> It is easy, if you are a bit sloppy.
>  * Access to "/": "PARENTS[-1]"
>  * Existence check: "_.hasattr(object,what)"
>      NOTE, that this is the sloppy part.
>       - "_.hasattr" will return true, if "object" has
>         attribute "what" (that is what we want)
> *OR* when it has acquired such an attribute
> (we do *NOT* want that here).
> What we would need is a DTML accessible version
> of "aq_base". This is trivially handled by
> an external method.
>       - it returns true, when there is such an attribute.
>         This may not be a folder.
> You can check "meta_type" to see, it is indeed a folder.
>  * creation: "manage_addFolder"
>      look in the ZDP's (http:zdp.zope.org) object reference
>      for the function's signature.
>      I think, this info is available in the Zope 2.2 help system, too.
> Dieter

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