Thanks for the reply...

I was planning to install Zope on the database server, compile DCOracle
there, and then just copy the *.so files to the webservers, where the real
Zope install is.  Do you need the oracle client libraries on the webservers
to make the connection or are the two shared libraries that you compile,
( and enough to make the connection to the web server?

Thanks for your help,
Aaron Bostick
Network Architect
Exodus Professional Services

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If you are running Zope on
1. Linux:
    You need to install Oracle client libraries to compile
     ZOracleDA. As far as I know, Oracle does not give
     any easy way to install only the clients. So, if you've
     enough disk space, install Oracle with the minimum
     DB options, and compile ZOracleDA. You DON'T
     NEED to run Oracle DB on your Zope machine, to
     have zope connect to your actual DB machine.

2. Win NT/2000/98
     You can install only the client libraries from the Oracle CD,
     get ZOracleDA compiled and run Zope.

I've used it both ways. Somewhere on the net there
was a tarred version of client-only-oracle-4-linux. Check and for some GTK apps
for accessing Oracle. It was there in the homepage
for that suite of apps.

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> Zope list members,
> I have been developing a zope site with oracle on linux as a backend.
> Currently, I run both zope and oracle on the same machine using the
> ZOracleDA for connectivity.  However, for production, I plan to seperate
> tiers and run zope and and oracle on different servers.  From looking at
> build instructions for the DCOracle, it seems as though it will only work
> when the web server and database server are on the same filesystem/in the
> same memory space.
> Is there a way to have my zope server talk to a remote (across the network
> somewhere) database server?  Do I have to move to something like ODBC for
> this?
> Thanks for your help!
> Aaron Bostick
> Network Architect
> Exodus Professional Services
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