::: on a standard page served by zope, user enters pagename into a field and
presses submit

<form method=GET action=createwikipage>
<input type="text" name="pagename">
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit">

::: createwikipage is a dtml method to which pagename is passed onto

::: a ZWiki page is now successfully created with the pagename specified by
the user as the id

<dtml-call "manage_addZWikiPage(id=pagename, title='')">

::: thanks to Geoff Gardiner's managed mode additions, the ZWiki page has an
extra boolean property called managed_mode, which i would like to set to
true (1) : this is where, my troubles begin, and i have tried with the help
of those helpful souls in #zope on irc.openprojects.net, many many

<dtml-with "_[pagename]">
<dtml-call "manage_editProperties({'managed_mode':1, 'type':'int'})">

the above proceeds with no problems, but doesnt change the managed_mode to 1

<dtml-with "_[pagename]">
<dtml-call "REQUEST.set('managed_mode', 1)">
<dtml-call "manage_editProperties(REQUEST)">

which again "works" but without any change like the first one, and after
digging through the mailing list archive, i tried:


which unfortunately leads to an attribute error with Error Value: 'string'
object has no attribute 'propertysheets'

i have tried god knows how many different combinations along similar lines,
but they either give me zope errors or even worse, "work" but without having
changed the value of the property.

i would appreciate it if anyone could point me to what i am doing wrong
here. i believe the main problem lies in "passing" the pagename to the dtml
method for it to change the properties of. other than that, i have no idea
what i am doing wrong, and i am close to tearing out my hair in frustration

::: now, if ever, i get that solved, i would also like to set the user who
submitted the pagename as the page_owner of the new page. again, page_owner
is a new ZWiki property due to Geoff's work =)

and for this, i presume, whatever dtml works with the above change for
managed mode, with the slight change of :

manage_changeProperties('page_owner', 'AUTHENTICATED_USER.getUserName()',


::: now, i would like to create a new property on the ZWiki page, called
page_creation_time, and set the the creation time/date as the value



::: and finally, the user is redirected to the editform of the page (and i
am proud to say that this is working ;)

<dtml-call "RESPONSE.redirect(_['URL1'] + '/' + REQUEST['pagename'] +

if anyone can help me with the setting of the managed_mode, i would be
delighted and they would earn a big spot on this site of mine <g> and, if
anyone can also provide code that works to set the page_owner and
page_creation_time, then i will do anything to make you happy. thanks in
advance for any help

best regards, tav

[slackware, running zope 2.2, served through Apache ProxyPass + Site Access,
with ZWiki 0.6.1 with Geoff Gardiner's mm3 and the CVS version of PTK from
two days ago]

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