OK, I am working on a rather large scope site. In this site, I will have the need to
create Objects (called Clubs). These Clubs will need their own membership setup, but 
be authenticate against the overall site.

I have considered a few ways of doing this... to wit:

 A Membership folder in each tree that 'fails' to the next higher leve.
  - Advantage: Can scale all the way up the domain.
  - Advantage: Should be easy enough, have the LM pass fails up the chain ..somehow.
  - Disadvantage: Don;t know if LM can handle this

 A single site-wide membership object, with each club storing a subset of members.
 - Disadvantage: sounds complicated
 - Disadvantage: I don't think it scales well
 - Advantage: simple to implement

C. The wild idea...
   If I had a MountableZEOStorage mountpoint, I could use a single domain Membership
object, and just 'mount' the Membership section where needed. In the member 
properties. I
would store the sections they belong to.
   - Advantage: Damn that's cool.
   - can scale
   - Disadvantage: MountableZEOStorage is vaporware ATM

For an Idea of the scope of the site, think yahoo's 'member' setup. You can join/create
clubs, each with it's own membership they have different services on different servers
(mail.yahoo.com, personal.yahoo.com, clubs.yahoo.com, classifieds.yahoo.com, etc), yet
only the one account suffices.

I would like to keep a ZODB based solution, and stay away from RDBMSes (if for nothing
other than I'd rather not be the one to write a login/membership product that uses SQL 
yet). I like using the ZODB, it makes sense to me, ad I will be making my 'management'
tools in Python/GTK-GNOME (or FLTK) on Linux.

I can do the second one ....again but don't want to.
the third one looks the coolest by far.
and the first one looks the easiest, non-ugly one.


I am open to recommendations.

Do not meddle in the affairs of sysadmins, for they are easy to annoy,
and have the root password.

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