thanks for the information. But i also have zope installed on linux. are
there web based editors(dtml aware)  available for linux platform.

Rajil Saraswat

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Hi Rajil,

I doubt that you will be able to use frontpage as an editor, sorry.
frontpage is a standalone webpage design program that cannot write dtml
sources, nor is it aware of zope objects.

If you publish files via ftp on port 8021 you will *probably* create simple
dtml-documents when publishing these documents. You will *porbably* *never*
able to create a database adapter or a squishdot site when using any
editor. Furthermore will you *probably* not be able to take full advantage
the benefits of dtml-methods and dtml-var and dtml-with statements in your

Zope has its own web based editing "tools". **But** since you are running
windows please do chack out the following options you have:
The product ZopeFish
together (!) with the pike editor:
or alternatively your ie5 with the product ZIE:

Both products use the XMLRPC interface to talk to Zope (as far as I
this). They should be both fully (I doubt it) aware of the products and
features ...

Hope that help,


Am Don, 27 Jul 2000 schrieb Rajil Saraswat:
> hi everyone,
>   i want to publish my html files directly from frontpage2000. how can i
> this. i tried to use  'web publish' and gave ftp://localhost:8021 as the
> sitename but frontpage was not able to connect to it. btw i am running
> on win2000. otherwise i have heard about webdav support in zope, how do
> webdav from frontpage. the frontapge and zope are on the same system.
> help.
> thanks for any tips.
> Rajil Saraswat
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