Thanks for the input. However, the two machines are both Zope v2.1.x so the
ZODB is already in .fs format on both machines.

I took the brute force method of zipping up the entire Zope distribution on
the dev box and then unpacking it on top of the Zope distribution on the
prod box. Things now work.

I'm guessing that somewhere between the two distributions (v2.1.4 and
v2.1.6) and the Zope Products I've added in, there is some sort of

Someday when I'm very brave, I'll try the upgrade to v2.2...

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In the "utilities" directory there is a program that converts from bbb to
fs. Sorry, I don't remember which one or how it works, but this should point
you in the right direction.

-- Loren

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Subject: [Zope] Moving site from dev to prod.

> I can't quite seem to figure out how to move my web site from my
> machine to my production machine with Zope v2.1.x. Under Zope v1.0.9, I
> simply copy the data.bbb file. Under Zope v2.1.x, this file seems to be
> data.fs, but copying it doesn't seem to work as I get a NameError on
> REQUEST. I've also tried to use the import/export capability, but I can't
> figure out how to get the entire site to export. I been through the
> sites, docs and recent emails, but can't seem to find guidance on this
> topic.
> My development machine is Zope v2.1.4 on NT and the production machine is
> Zopev2.1.6 on NT. Both installs use FSSession v0.3.1 and LocalFS v0.1.5
> If someone could guide me to documentation, or give me the basics of what
> needs to happen, I would appreciate it.
> Thanks.
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