Firestar wrote:
> Hi, I have read through(and tried out) the tutorials and Guides at,
> and now eager to port my company's website over to Zope. (The website was
> originally programmed in PHP)
> In my original design, I used OOP mainly. I defined each section(e.g. News,
> Events, Products) as a class by itself, inheriting from a "main" superclass.
> Each class would contain their own set of attributes(such as font-color,
> title) and methods(e.g. display news headline, or display events schedule).
> Common attributes & method that are widely used are placed(shared) in the
> "main" class(e.g. talking to MySQL database).
> So, if there's any changes or updates, inheritance will propagate the
> changes to the rest of the subclasses. (As usual, management will require
> extra features such as personalised page, membership or web-based email to
> be added in future. Hopefully, this kind of structure would make adding new
> features a breeze.)
> I believe Zope is based on a similar way (and much more powerful). I was
> wondering how shld i start something like this in Zope - i read abt
> ZClasses(where you can define your own Folders), Products(for defining yr
> business logic) and DTML(for dynamic data display). Your opinions will be
> much appreciated.
> regards,
> firestar

My Take. zope adds enough complexity and options that they're is
invariable More than one way to it. i generally do pure logic suff in
base classes in python. and then setup an inherited zclass to do the
display and sql stuff.

i think you should also take rely on acquistion more for your sql
issues. you're classes can acquire the sql stuff. try sticking an SQL
folder in your root zope and call your methods 
<dtml-in "SQL.myMethod()">

or alternatively in the section for each class.

acquistion is an integral part of zope and is pretty powerful for
simplifying design and implementation.


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