On Tue, 01 Aug 2000, Jean Jordaan wrote:
> hi Curtis
> Yaaay! It works :)  Thanks a lot!
> I wouldn't have found "objectValues" on my own .. where'd
> you learn about that? I'm ploughing through docs and wiki's
> now, just don't know if they're the right ones. I also need
> to read more about Python ..

The Zope Quick Reference.  An indispensible resource, which you can find 
through the zope.com Documentation section.

> Anyway, I messed about with your instructions a bit, and
> tried:
>   <dtml-var "text_content('member')">
> (which renders nothing), and:
>   <dtml-var "text_content">
> which renders:
>   <Python Method object at 13bead8>
> Dunno how soon I'd've navigated that maze on my own. The
> "text_content" I can understand -- putting it between ""
> means that it should be evaluated, so text_content is
> evaluated without parameters, and dtml-var is being asked
> to render the method itself. Doing "text_content('member')",
> text_content is replaced by the result of evaluating it
> on 'member' .. this works when it's fed the output of
> getElementsByTagName, but since I'm already "in" the members,
> there aren't any member elements to be had inside them --
> only their text_contents.

Another option is getChildNodes()

> Well, that's as far as I can puzzle it out ..
> Now for another question (which I'm throwing to the group
> seperately too):
> How do I show all groups that a specific member is part
> of? In other words, if I have:
> <teams>
>  <team>
>   <name>Ham</name>
>   <desc>White papers, brochures, case studies.</desc>
>   <member>Eduan</member>
>   <member>Jacqui</member>
>  </team>
>  <team>
>   <name>Green eggs</name>
>   <desc>Green papers, brochures, case studies.</desc>
>   <member>Tracey</member>
>   <member>Jacqui</member>
>  </team>
> </teams>
> how do I get
> "Jacqui is member of the Ham and Green eggs teams."


<dtml-var member_name> is member of
<dtml-in "objectValues('team')">
  <dtml-in "objectValues('member')">
    <dtml-if "text_content() == member_name"><dtml-var name>, </dtml-if>

that's my best guess, but you _might_ run into a problem with 'name'....

Have a better one,

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