apologies for the delay with the site, to anyone who was expecting it, i had
some "real life" issues to deal with :/ which, i have now managed to deal
with for the time being, and got back to dear zope. i worked away at it all
nite, and ended up with a handful of problems, which i am hoping someone
will be able to solve ;)

(1)  following up from last time

i thought it would be more functional if the user could define the pagename
and a pagetopic (section) and press enter, when the user does this, it sends
the info to a dtml document, which puts the page(pagename) into
managed_mode, and i would also like to now set the pagetopic as a new
property... page_topic

atm, the code looks like this...

<dtml-with "_.getitem(pagename,0)">
<dtml-call "manage_changeProperties(managed_mode=1)">

but, i have no idea how i would get the second pagetopic passed along, and
set as a new property on whatever page, pagename is

(2) sorting by two values

i wa trying to sort through all the pages, and display the 10 most recently
changed ones which have page_status set to approved.

<dtml-in "aq_parent.objectValues(spec='ZWiki Page')" size="10"
sort="bobobase_modification_time" reverse>
<dtml-if "page_status == 'approved'">
<a href="&dtml.url_quote-id;" class="alt"><dtml-var id></a><p>

i came close with the above code, however, it sorts out the 10 most recent
pages first, and then 'filters' and displays the ones which have approved
status. whereas i want 10 approved pages :(

(3) search

how would i create a page that allowed people to search a host of pages by
specific properties, e.g. page_status or page_name?

- so, user selects property from a drop-down list and types in what he is
searching for into a text field, and presses search.....

- perhaps even search by time? e.g. person says, only display pages created
in the last [person enters value here] days

- and of course, search by time when last edited. person enters start time,
and end time, and all pages last edited within that time frame are shown

- would it be possible for someone to search on two criteria? say page_name
and time last changed?

(4) these questions related to PTK (i am running the latest CVS version)

- the /Members/membername section seems to be fucked ): going there directly
tells me that the object cant be found. digging through the PTK-list, i
found out that /Members/membername/index_html/index_html works, but that is
one damned nuisance

it works nicely on zope.org, so i am hoping that there is a workaround for
it ;)

- i would like to also limit what users can upload to 100kb. any way of
doing this?

(5) imo, this is the hardest of what i want to do

in the root folder of the site, i have 3 "boxes" (box1, box2, box3 ;), these
are all dtml documents. each of those boxes have a corresponding, simple
dtml document: color1, color2, and color3

i also have a dtml document called featurepage, which looks like:

<tr><td bgcolor=<dtml-var color1>>
  <dtml-var box1>
<tr><td bgcolor=<dtml-var color2>>
  <dtml-var box2>
<tr><td bgcolor=<dtml-var color3>>
  <dtml-var box3>

now, what i would like to do is, when user signs up (this uses PTK's default
system), featurepage is copied over to the user's directory

again, i notice that zope.org copies over a zwiki folder... so this must be
possible. also, if possible, i would like to customise the user's
index_html, which i dont seem to be able to do atm :/

anyways, once the featurepage is copied over, i would like to let the user
do two things

(1) tick which boxes they want to show

(2) define which order they want the boxes they have chosen to appear...

(3) define the different colors for the boxes that they have chosen

letting a person do all this through a webpage "seems" to be possible, just
dont know how :/

apologies in advance for such a long list of problems. i have spent many
sleepless nites trying to work them all out. managed to solve half the
problems, but the above are beyond me ):

thanks in advance for any help

best regards, tav

ps, with PTK, is there any way to copy a certain file/fodler into the
Members/username section of each member who has already registered? or does
this have to be done *shudder* manually?

pps, with the PTK, is there any way to change the user's roles, e.g. add
Reviewer role to Member, without altering the password? thanks

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