Title: RE: [Zope] LoginManager UserSources

Hi Danny,
I don't think the question applies, as you are prettymuch free to build a UserSource to anything you want.  Of course, with that freedom comes aggrevation.  ;-/  There is ready documentation on the Zope site for interfacing LM to SMB for authentication.  I've gotten it working with Postgres (with crypted passwords no less!)  It took me a couple of weeks on and off to finally get that going.  Yes, it was painful, especially having no prior experience with GUF (or much experience with Zope, for that matter...)  I've not made it a very high priority, but I'm working on a LoginManager/PostgreSQL walkthrough hoping that I might save someone else some grief.  That info should be easy to translate for any other datasource full of users you might have in mind.  Interested?


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> What UserSources are available as of today for the
> LoginManager to use? How
> do they work?
> Danny

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