I've lost my Zope zen, why doesn't this work?

My folders and documents
/  (folder)
  strader  (folder)
     FormatDate  (external method)
     outbound  (folder)
        PackagInfo (dtml document)
        FormatColumnTable (dtml method)

PackageInfo has code like this:

<dtml-with "GetDB().Package.TrackingNumber_index.select(trackingnumber).fetchone()">
<dtml-var FormatDate>
<table width="100%" border="0">
<dtml-var "FormatColumnTable(columnlist=packagecolumns,obj=GetSelf(),notable=1)">

FormatColumnTable has code like this:

<dtml-let value="something ">
<dtml-var "FormatDate(date=value)">

However this FormatDate raises a NameError in DT_Util.py, line 335  
(version 2.1.6 of Zope)

Is PackageInfo's use of dtml-with blocking acquisition of FormatDate?

The object returned for use with dtml-with in PackageInfo raises an 
AttributeError when trying to find FormatDate as an attribute, this is 
correct... what gives?

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