>Hi Peter,
>   Hmm... I've never seen this problem, and I've been using
>pcgi/FreeBSD since 2.2.8. I have however seen another problem:
>that has never really been resolved. I'm going to try your
>net.local magic to see if that has an effect. I tried the
>FreeBSD lists at one time, and never got any response. Maybe
>it's time to try them again....

I wasn't able to reproduce it on Zope. This is probably because I have since
switched to using fast cgi which has fixed all my problems. 

I was able to reproduce it using your test script and just piping it to
more. What's going on is that you are getting a broken pipe exception in
self.stdout.write in HTTPResponse.write(), but that exception is getting
masked somewhere which is why it seems mysterious as to what is happening.

I have no idea why we get a broken pipe when piping that to more. I made a

import sys

file = open("fs.txt", "r")
data = file.read(1024)
while data:
        result = sys.stdout.write(data)
        data = file.read(1024)

And piped that to more. Same problem. If I do 'cat fs.txt | more' it works

Upgrading my system from 4.0-RELEASE to 4.1-STABLE fixed this problem.

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