I tried posting this to the comp.lang.pyton group, but I never got any
answer, so I was hoping that you friendly Zope folks could offer me some

The setting is this:

My web site collects big files (typically 2-5 MB) that the users
upload via HTTP POST (yeah, I know - FTP is nicer, but not when you
have untrusted users). When a person submits his file, he has to wait
20-30 minutes for the upload to complete, without any visual feedback
at all.

This is clearly not desirable. What I imagine would be nice, is a
small applet to handle the file and provide the user with a visual
feedback on the progress of the upload. Just a simple progress bar.

What I want to know is: Has this already been written by someone?
Either in Java or JPython? If so, could you please provide me with a

If not, is this a big task? I am a Python newbie, and I haven't
touched JPython at all.

All help appreciated.


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