I just wonder if anyone can help me with my problem. Recently, I've
been working on creating a ZOPE product which requires periodic
access to my Sybase. I have created a thread process using the
Threading module. There is no problem of periodically wake up the
thread and print something to the screen. So, I guess I have no
problem with thread programming under ZOPE. However, when I add some
database related routines to the thread, problems started to occur. I
sometimes got '... not connected to the database'. When I did an
SQL 'update', nothing has been updated on the database server when I
actually looked into the database using isql. After a whole day of
trial & error, now I've got 'ZOPE Memory Error'! I just wonder what
has gone wrong. I really have no clue and my deadline is pressing :(

1) I want to know what is the proper way of using thread under ZOPE.
2) Is there any critical limitation of SybaseDAv2?
3) Can SybaseDAv2 & Threading live together happily?
4) What the role of ZODB in such situation?

Thanks a million if anyone can help!


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