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| > | I know that zope runs on everything else, but how do we reconcile the
| > | DC/Sybase partnership announced late last year
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| > | We're becoming a sybase/zope/linux dependent outfit; to whom should I
| > | email my concerns - or is it time to move to another SQL backend?
| > 
| > They picked the wrong free UNIX platform. Linux has a whole lot of
| > machines installed, but, not too many of them would be deployed in an
| > Enterprise environment, where people would be happy to pay money for
| > licenses.
| The claim that Linux is not deployed in Enterprise environments is uninformed at 
|best. The most recent announcement came
| from Google, which claims 4000+ Linux servers. Clearly an enterpise environment. 
| ( http://www.internetwk.com/lead/lead060100.htm )

err no. Read again... "not deployed in Enterprise environment, where people
would be happy to pay money for..." as opposed to deployed where people
want stuff for free - or as free as they can get it. Face it if you're
doing web stuff using Zope (or anything else), you're not looking to go and 
pay Sybase for something just as good, with a hefty price-tag. You still 
have to pay developers, and 'commercial' stuff usually attracts people at
twice the rate of the going Open Source developers.

PHP is firmly entrenched as the ASP of Linux at this stage and it's going
to take a very long stick and a very firm place to stand to shift it.

| And, of course, there is IBM.

Who do a lot of open stuff, with FreeBSD as well. But marketing requires
a Linux presence these days... mustn't let that share price slip.. :-)

| > An OS heavily promoted by one specific individual who doesn't really believe
| > in commercial software doesn't seem like the ultimate platform to aim
| > high-priced internet application software at.
| While I don't mean any offense, your characterization here is both unwarranted and 
|unfounded. ESR and Linus (not sure
| exactly whom you refer to) both believe in commercial software just fine. 

Actually referring to RMS...

| In addition, if you look at the largest promoters of Linux, you will not find any 
|one individual. Rather, you will find
| an array of companies, of all sizes; from ISP's to ol' Big Blue. IBM, for example, 
|is in the process of porting most
| everything they have to Linux. And they do it for commercial reasons.

One wonders if Oracle's Linux product has actually recouped them the
development costs. Most of the larger Linux promoters are trying to get a
leg into the 'smaller' market that was dominated by NT. If they can offer
their products on hardware that doesn't cost more than a house, then they
have opened a new market. Linux is obviously a means to an end here. They're
trying to make a sale, they don't particularly care about Linux.

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